Search-And-Rescue Robot Exercise/Contest PPE’14

Propeller Powered, LLC Announces:
The SAR-Bot Exercise 2014

Orrville, OH – 15 Aug 14 – We have been having extreme weather all of this past summer, of 2014. Eastern Ohio has experienced record amounts of heavy rainfall, and flooding, since early spring ’14, and there have been numerous thunderstorms, microbursts and even several tornadoes sighted in the Orrville area. There have been rumors that David Handwerk, Mayor of Orrville, is worried that buildings may collapse from the ground being weakened due to being saturated from all the rain. Jeff Ledger, from PropellerPowered, has been asked to prepare a team of SAR-Bots (Search-And-Rescue Robots) in case of any major damage. Stay tuned to OPPE News for further details as they develop.

Orrville, OH – 01 October 2013 –

Propeller Powered, LLC, of Orrville, Ohio, will be hosting a “Search and Rescue Robotics (SAR-Bot) Exercise” this coming August 2014 (exact date is yet to be determined.) This exercise will be in conjunction with the annual Official Propeller Powered Expo.  There will be contests, and prizes awarded for outstanding robotic achievements in the field of Robotic Search and Rescue.

The exercise will be held in, and around, the main field house for the Greene Community Center (  This is the home of the annual Official Propeller Powered Expo, and the expo will provide a lunch for all people who purchase an entrance ticket.

The purpose of this exercise is to encourage individual engineers and developers to design new devices to aid and assist in the location and rescue of victims of natural disasters and terrorist events.  Come to see the future of Rescue Technology.

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