Introduction to Microcontrollers

I want to introduce you to our newest product: the Introduction to Microcontrollers book and kit.  This set was designed in answer to the question, “how do I get started in microcontrollers?”  This question comes up pretty often in electronics, computer, microcontroller and robotics forums (and off-line, any time that the subjects come up.)  The best way to learn something is to dive right in, and get started; but you will have lots of false starts if you don’t have a guide for the exploration.

You will get a text book, written with total beginners in mind.  The nearly 100 pages include text, sample programs, quizzes and their answers.  You also get a small, simple development system.  This is a 2″ x 2″ Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with an Atmel ATtiny2313 microcontroller, a programming interface, a power connection (able to power the board from the programming interface or a battery, which is included,) and several Input/Output (I/O) devices.  Each I/O pin on the microcontroller, and each I/O device, has a female connector so that you can plug short jumper wires between them.  This allows you to easily connect the I/O devices directly to the microcontroller.

This book starts off by giving a good working description of a microcontroller, and introduces you to the actual controller that you will use for the course.  The second chapter describes programming, and walks you through installing a very powerful programming language for the microcontroller.  In the third chapter, you will actually build the simple development system of your own (all of the parts, including the printed circuit board [PCB] are included in the kit,) as I described above.

The rest of the book (an additional four chapters) are dedicated to getting you started in connecting devices like LED lights and pushbutton switches and programming your microcontroller to do what you want.  I made sure to go over each and every single line in the sample programs, so that you understand what (and how) everything works.  There are many samples included, with directions on how to modify each one to do what you want.

Coming up, we will be presenting a  series of short projects that will expand your knowledge with the Tiny2313 Experimenter System.

We are currently having an introduction sale on this set, for the rest of this month, we are offering the book and kit for only $19.99, that is 33% off the regular price.