Re: Robot Contest(s) at PropellerPowered Expo ’13

Well, it was a long weekend; but it was great.

Here are the results of the two robot contests:

Line Follower –
– In first place, with a best time of 9.7 seconds, was Toadblue, owned by Roger Goff
– In second place, with a best time of 18.2 seconds, was Thing1, owned by Chris and Abby Wardell
– In third place, with a best time of 46.4 seconds, was S2, also owned by Roger Goff

Sumo –
– In first place, with 2 wins and 1 loss, was Thing1, owned by Chris and Abby Wardell
– In second place, with 1 win and 2 losses, was Thing2, owned by Chris and Abby Wardell

Congrats to all of our entrants, and thank you for a most entertaining contest.

For the trivia collector: Chris and Abby’s robots were named after Thing1 and Thing2 from the Cat in the Hat (  Thank you Abby for those imaginative names.

There are several photos (and a video of the Sumo contests) posted in the Official thread (  I have also posted the results of each contest in it’s respective page.
We are already working on the OPPE’14 Robotics Contest(s) – Note: we have been having extreme weather all of this past summer, of 2014.  Eastern Ohio has experienced record amounts of heavy rainfall, and flooding, since early spring ’14, and there have been numerous thunderstorms, microbursts and even several tornadoes sighted in the Orrville area.  I have heard rumors that the Mayor of Orrville is worried that buildings may collapse from the ground being weakened due to being saturated from all the rain.  Jeff, from PropellerPowered has been asked to prepare a team of SAR-Bots (Search-And-Rescue Robots) in case of any major damage.  Stay tuned to OPPE News for further details as they develop.