Line Follower Contest – PPE’13

I volunteered to set up a robot contest, or two, for the Official PropellerPowered Expo ( coming up this summer.  The expo is an event that I have been attending for several years and I really enjoy it.  If you live anywhere within range of Wooster, OH (about central-eastern Ohio,) you would probably really enjoy it.  I wanted to put some of these ideas out for any of my other readers, for comments.

My first thought was to have a “There-And-Back” contest (modelled after ChiBot’s TableTop Contest –  This is a really simple contest and would be great for absolute beginners.  One of my projects, from a few year ago, was to write the manual for the ChiBot’s TableTop ‘Bot, made by Eddie Wright ( – I believe that it has reached End-Of-Life and is no longer being sold, however check out his other products.)  However, this type of contest may be too simple.  We will see whether, or not, we decide to do this.

Secondly, it seems like everyone enjoys watching others bashing their heads together (just think about all of us who like football ;) .)  So, I was thinking that a mini-sumo contest may be nice; let the robots do the bashing. :P  [Mindrobots], from the PropellerPowered forum has offered to bring in a mini-sumo ring for this type of contest.  As soon as he is able to get me the specifics of his ring, we should be able to put up a page about that contest.

Third, I wanted something that could show a bit of brain-power.  Maybe a line-follower, or a wall-hugger, contest?  We will be taping together several pieces of poster-board, or foam-core board.  Then, we will put some black electrical tape down for the actual course. We now have a Page ( set up for this event.