Robot Contests

The Unofficial Propeller Expo – NorthEast (now called the PropellerPowered Expo – NorthEast – is coming up fast!  When registration opens, you can register at:  My son, Peter, and I have attended nearly every one of these (missed the first one, sniff) and have even made one of the Chicago expos.

This year, I am planning on bringing the materials to build a TableTop ‘Bot course for a There-And-Back contest.  Several years ago, I wrote the construction manual for the TableTop ‘Bot manufactured and sold by Eddy Wright ( for the Chicago Area Robotics Group (  This robot was designed to allow a beginner to easily get involved in robotics, and to compete in a simple contest, called the There-And-Back contest.  The basic idea of this contest is for a robot to start at one end of a course, navigate it’s way down the course to the other end, and then back to the starting point.  I put up a page with the basic description and rules at: I’m hoping for some fun at the PPE-NE this summer.

Take a look, and let me know what you think.