Takin’ Care of Business

Whew, it’s been a long time.  Sorry about that, but I’ve been pretty busy with the business end of this business.  There is a lot of work involved in setting up a new business.  Even though I have been doing “business” for several years, now I am starting a new phase of my business – up until now, I have been doing service work only; service work is not subject to sales tax in Pennsylvania.  This is my first experience with selling products to consumers.  I have gotten my store “up and running”, I have selected most of my board of directors and my infrastructure and I have started my market research and have started my Business Plan.  I just filled out the PA-100, Application for Pennsylvania Enterprise.  My accountant will be coming over tomorrow for Easter (he is also my son) and he will be reviewing my application.  If the PA-100 is filled out correctly, I will submit the application on Monday, and should be a legitimate business enterprise in the State of Pennsylvania.

Twitter is one of the premier social networking sites on the web.  I have heard of people who use it, successfully, to build their business.  Time to look into that as a way to boost my business.  Anyone have any ideas on this?  What about Facebook?  I have seen a tool for Twitter which will use my Twitter posts (Tweets) and cross-post them to my Facebook page.  Also, my web site (this project blog as well as my store) has tools to integrate my site with those social networking sites.  Maybe it’s time to look into those.

TI LaunchPad Booster Packs

The samples of the 10-pin pass-through female headers have finally arrived.  They look great, and now I have a supplier for these items.  That makes the last item that I was waiting for to start selling the Prototyping Booster Pack (http://projects.granzeier.com/2011/12/30/launchpad-booster-protoboard/).  The PCBs have been ordered and on Monday, I should be able to order the pass-through headers.  Stay tuned for more information about these Prototyping packs.

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