Why Study Engineering?

Let’s look at the foundation of engineering.  Why would we even want to study engineering?  To answer that, consider an old anecdote:

A doctor, an engineer and an attorney were having lunch and were enjoying a nice discussion with their lunch.  As often happens, the conversation drifted around to their careers and they started discussing who was in the oldest profession.

“If you will recall, the bible states that God took a rib out of Adam, and created Eve,” claimed the Doctor.  “Clearly, this is the work of a Surgeon, so my field is the oldest field.”

The engineer agreed, but pointed out that “prior to that, God took chaos and created the entire universe.  This is certainly the work of an Engineer, so there can be no doubt that Engineering predates the medical field, and is the oldest.”

“Not so fast,” commented the attorney.  “Who do you think created all that chaos in the first place?”

This little story, while humorous, misses by just a tad.  The attorney, while “admirably” defending his field, wasn’t quite right.  God did create order out of chaos, but the chaos was not created, it was the raw material, out of which God created the universe.  So, sorry to all the attorneys out there who thought that they were in the oldest profession; “it just ain’t so.”

In actuality, the field of engineering is really the oldest profession (no slight intended to all the mothers out there who claim title.)  So, to study engineering is really to study God!  And to think, you thought that engineering wasn’t all that glamorous a field, huh?  A wise student takes note of, and studies, the works of the more mature professionals in his field; so study how God has put things together, and learn all that you can about the greatest field in the world!

If you would like to know more about The First Engineer, start reading His Instruction Manual.  You can access the bible, along with many study aids at either the Bible Gateway, or the Blue Letter Bible.  Read, and get to know Him.

Stay tuned for more info about that and more great engineering information.